Friday, April 07, 2006

More Battlefield 2 and Mine 1.

Anti-tank. Big stick goes boom.Well, it happened. Last night fighting away and churning out those scores, I was accused of cheating. Not that I was, or ever have cheated at a game. Made me feel really good, though. I have arrived. My skills are now so good that experienced players can't believe that I can pull off what I can pull off without cheating. Of course, when I'd explained my moves to them and shared my secrets a little there was a few moments stunned silence before the trollish behaviour turned on my team-mates. Unfortunately I was then so concerned with defending them I almoSniper. completely forgot the battle waging around me as our large lead slowly petered away during the war of words. So, a victory on several levels, but not the real one. It is nice to note that the next round went our way with our opposition all logging out two rounds later, obviously too scared to face us again. The next hurdle is competition at tournament level to see how I stack up against really decent adversaries and I will be keeping you posted here (no, Gamer will not fall by the wayside, although it may be very BF2 orientated for a while). For now, at the risk of repeating an earlier link that I gave you in my comments a couple of posts ago, this is the link to my current BF2 stats page. A Assault. Basic infantry.couple of things to explain to non-stat junkies:
IAR = In A Round
SPM = Score Per Minute.
CP = Command Point.

And for those who know nothing of the ways of BF2 or FPS games:
The aim of the game is territorial supremacy, with CP's coming in the form of flags that a player must stand near (the distance varies) in order to take possession of the flag, although there are certain bases that cannot be captured. These same bases (both "cappable" and "non-cappable") form the spawn points in the game where players spawn after being killed or joining the server. Points are awarded for kills, helping your team mates andSpecial Ops. 003.4 capturing flags. In order to win, a team must reduce the opponents points to zero through controlling the flags or kills (deathmatch). There are various maps, the rate at which the points are reduced, the amount of capturable flags depending upon the size (based on player amounts preset in a particular server), and the amount of points all being variables on these maps. In addition there may (or may not, depending on server) be a timer. The team with the highest score in points after the time expires is the winner if there is. Hopefully that sounds as simple as it is. It gets slightly more complicated with the inclusion of different kits that a player chooses from before spawning. This gives a different choice of guns for the infantrymEngineer. Mines and as well as specialist abilities. Medics get medi-packs that heal people, engineers can repair stuff, while support get to resupply ammunition and special forces and anti - tank blow things up. Snipers snipe. All pretty self-explanatory. There's also within the team a position for a commander and the ability to make, join and leave squads as mentioned in my previous post. While the rest is pretty simple, the way in which commanders' points work requires some in-game knowledge so I won't bleat on about it right now.

So, that's the game and the stats page. Points of note on there include the win/loss ratio (anything above 1 is good), the % small arms accuracy (anything over 17% is good), the kill/death ratio (again, anything above 1). the score per minute (a kill is 2 points, flag capture 2, most others and assists all 1. Anything ovSupport. Get ammo 1 is good), the best round scores (anything above 100) and of course, the awards. I'm rather proud of my rack of medals, badges and ribbons as it represents a lot of work, particularly the array of gold medals, which are awarded for having the most points in a round. So far I've been exceeding my target of 1 gold a day. You might also want to check my sniper kit. I don't tend to use my sniper rifle a great deal, well I do, but from a safe distance to check if anyone has set off the claymores I've placed. Claymores are a proximity grenade - once set, they explode when an enemy walks within their ranButtoneerlogo work sneak I like claymores. I like tanks as well, if you check out the vehicles list, you'll see why, but not planes or helicopters. I've only recently worked out how to keep one in the air, which shows what a n00b I really am and I shouldn't call attention to it. *cough* Never mind.

Something I should call attention to before I go is a little something I've been working on for the animation blog. Apologies for any frustrated anticipation, but this shows I have been working away on that as well. You can take a look at my testbed to see some very simple experiments, but this is my own time scale so don't try holding your breathe.

Lastly, I know you all loved the APC song. This is Mine1.



At 11:35 pm, Blogger kenju said...

As a person who is almost totally devoid of the competitive urge, it is hard for me to imagine playing games like this. I am glad that you like it and are good at it. Michele sent me.

At 4:26 am, Anonymous Ivy said...

i'm so out of the game loop its not funny.. Interesting layout!

Michele sent me.. Have a good evening!

At 4:45 am, Blogger Carl V. said...

It is fun when you're playing online with a group of people and the cheater phrase starts getting passed around. I've seen some of my friends get so good that if I wasn't sitting there watching them I'd be accusing them of cheating as well. Anymore I don't play online much, I prefer the single player experience. Too many games that I want to play. Just finished F.E.A.R. which I really enjoyed and am almost done with Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Like the site, here visiting from Michele.

At 4:56 am, Blogger T. said...

I live out in the sticks and we still have a dial-up connection so we don't do a lot of on-line gaming. Have fun! Michele sent me.

At 2:43 pm, Anonymous Cyndy said...

I confess to NOT being a game player, but my boyfriend LOVES to play online games like this. Michele sent me!

At 3:47 pm, Anonymous Claire said...

Michele sent me over today. I tend to avoid games...I would only end up looking stupid!

At 3:59 pm, Blogger Star said...

Hi. I'm not a gamer by any means. Michele sent me. Congratulations on being accussed of cheating!

At 6:13 pm, Blogger Amused Observer said...

my son would be into this blog.

here from michele's

At 7:41 pm, Blogger dotdotdot said...

Dear God, you play a lot of games! My partner has just taken to playing some online racing game and swearing at little kids over his headset. Its great.

Another via Michelles visitor.

At 9:46 am, Blogger Writing idiot said...

what can i say fluffy. you want to go into tournies. maybe getting of the noob servers could be the next step ;)
im damned annoyed coz i aint been able to get a copy of bf2 yet :(
wish i could then the old times could continue.
plus i need to win a new spellchecker my last one is broke.
being classed as a cheat is such a great feeling. ive had it afew times on farcry. oh btw if you want to have a forum for your bf2 adventures feel free to use mine. hell no one else does lol. ill have to talk sweetly to the missus (you know how that normally goes for me) and see about getting a copy then i can come an learn your cheating ways.
keep up the posting mate.

At 6:27 pm, Blogger Blogger said...

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At 8:34 am, Blogger Angelika Jane said...

kinda cool layout ;D

Not that into games but cool that u are :D

At 4:59 pm, Anonymous charles said...

Hello Fuzzy!!! It's been a long time since I've been here. Well, I am into games but just on a different field but the mechanics are still the same. If you play the game frequently it will turned out that you'll be quite expert at it!

At 12:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a funny game is the computer - what ever happened to good old pooh stix??????!!!!!

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