Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm back, introducing Battlefield 2 & the APC song.

You've guessed it from the title. Your favourite Fuzzter is back. Many thanks to all those who've left comments (except the spam about playboy - how do i delete, again...?). It's been a long hiatus & I apologise to anyone who's been watching with no joy. I won't explain it all here, but my attention has been pulled away largely by just one game. As a general rule I tend not to be a huge fan of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, but you may remember a search for one I could get on with. Well, I found it. Not since the days of Unreal Tournament have I enjoyed playing an FPS so much. It would be fair to say instant addiction grabbed me firmly and didn't let go. Battlefield 2 released by EA games is fully deserving of it's huge success. The latest in a long line of Battlefield games it gets a five star rating as it puts you in a modern war arena complete with armour, aircraft, helicopters and boats on a variety of maps from urban to plains taking in oilfields and swampland as a side dish. I'm impressed. I'm very impressed. It's an online game that gives a nod to plotline with rank based character progression being through experience on one of the thousands of officially recognised servers. Character progression gets you in-game gun unlocks that the infantryman may then use on official servers. Then there's the prizes. Badges, medals and ribbons that form bragging rights in the community, and there's a large community. So large that it has it's own legends, heros and myths. I must admit that they're not particularly welcoming to the newcomer (n00b), but the line between elite (1337) & n00b can be sometimes very thin. After you've owned (pwned) a few rounds and learnt a few maps respect can be very high. One thing I particularly like is the emphasis put on teamwork, with squads and a commander, which caters to the RTS (Real Time Strategy) fans. In a way, the ultimate box of toy soldiers being actual people, not bots fighting each other. Just never forget that they can come and get you too. Then there's the graphics and sound with different levels you can set them to depending on your system. When everything is turned up full it's truly awesome and gives a feel to the game that has had me jumping out of my skin and screamng battle cries. Don't take my word for it though. Watch this BF2 promotional video (Quicktime needed). Ah yes, the videos. There's an option in BF2 that, if the server allows, lets you download and view the videos of rounds you have been involved in. I'll leave you with just one of the many spoof videos out there as I really must be getting back to it now. After all, n00bs don't pwn themselves.

The APC song.