Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New navigation thingy and SBHoF.

Well, after two nights hard work, I've finally managed to conjure a way to nail down my previous posts into an easily navigated format. Some of you might have noticed the "Previous posts of note" button that's appeared at the bottom of my sidebar (although I doubt it ;) until now). I've tried to pick out some of what I consider to be the more choice morsels along with links to all the games I've featured here in the past and series of articles will now be collected there under the "Series" section. I've also tried to link up the specific games articles for those who have found your way here looking for information on a specific game. It's a growing thing with more links and sections to be added. If you feel any articles have been missed out that should have been included, please feel free to shout out about it in any of the usual ways as well any suggestions you have for how it should be sectioned up and which posts or subjects rate a whole series about them. Please remember if mentioning specific games to look at that I really like to concentrate on the vast amount of free games out there with as little emphasis as possible on spending the old hard - earned cash. As you can see from my previous posts this is by no means exclusive and some games are well worth every penny.
Hope nobody minds a short post today but having finally cracked this particular nut and having to rise for work in a little over 6 hours I really must sleep,... but not without mentioning the latest community thing to be born (independently) out of Blog Explosion. The Shout Box Hall of Fame is a community blog made up of denizens of the Blog Explosion Shout Box. It's a little baby blog but has really got some tremendous talent of all kinds involved in it's conception. Good coders, writers, artists, comedians (& ennes :D), photographers, mommies, daddies, gamers... (oh yeah - yours truly has signed up to something else that'll eat into my time :P )... designers, a sleuth, a night club dj, the list goes on - this seems to have the lot. Even better is that I'm not organising it so it's not going to eat into my time TOO much... (ok, ok, I know I haven't posted there yet or created that button I said I was going to or that bit of text I said I'd sort or that banner I said I'd knock up OR... um... HA! - fooled you, there wasn't anything else! Or if there was I've not done that either. That horrible thing called having to work for a living has been getting in the way with 10+ hrs. a day, but enough of my troubles.)... and I think this is a certain winner. There's some great talent on display and after everything has calmed down after the first month-long rush of everyone posting in excitement I think we can expect some real top quality articles of all kinds there. One to watch.


At 1:09 am, Blogger madbull said...

thank you for the plug and flowers fbf ;)

btw the more i see you template, the more i like it...

At 8:42 pm, Blogger Chas Ravndal said...

i like the rusty look actually. I love ur blog template fuzzy but i just dont like that banner below ur banner. It destroys the overall design of ur blog.

At 11:28 pm, Blogger Croaker said...

Yeh, and janitors too.

At 8:21 pm, Anonymous hosting said...

thank you a lot


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