Thursday, December 01, 2005



They said we couldn't play it. That it would warp the minds of a generation. TheDeath by plastic bag.y whispered that it might break down the fabric of society and cause riots in the streets. It was banned in the UK for being just too sick. They can't keep a good game down though and the creators of Manhunt have a great deal to be proud of. Rockstar Games now have a tradition of violence in games being behind the much maligned Grand Theft Auto series, but this is a fish of a different colour entirely. The opening scene sees the hero of the tale (played by you) legally liquidated for crimes committed, however all is not as it seems as the player quickly learns awaking to an insistent voice urging him to kill. The player has been co-optCrowd scene.ed to play the lead role in a snuff movie and he must butcher his way out to survive. That's all the plot you need to know, at least for the beginning of it as you are inspired to kill your victims in ever more bloodthirsty ways throughout this game. First weapon of convenience is a plastic bag which can be used in a sneak attack from behind to execute the patsies in impressive cut-scenes that concentrate on the gore and give a real undercurrent to the feel of this game. Points are awarded according to style of kill and time taken per level with some really quite challenging scenarios played out. Many of the imManhunt gameplayages shown here are from those cut scenes, but they should not be confused with the gameplay, which is smooth, detailed and reasonably interactive. The deeper you go the darker it gets and I feel the banning order has as much to do with the subject of this game which glorifies snuff movies, as it does with the gameplay. To be honest I have seen much bloodier scenes in games several times. There is something about this that sets it apart from the other bloodfests, some psychological thing within the darkness of it all. The cynical look it takes at the human condition is a haunting one that will leave a bad taste in many mouths if the violence doesn't make them physically sick. I love it though. Great game. If you don't see me for a while and nothing gets done on any of my sites (yes, I havGarrottede (actually) been working hard on them all in those moments I manage to snatch from my busy and active life and work... well, ok, all apart from the comics blog) then it's because I'm playing Manhunt. Cheerfully gutting hapless gang members in my starring role as the next psycho killer star. Any psychological damage was done years ago and is far beyond the scope of any mere game to affect. Please note that I've had special training in how to avoid such damage from these games however so I cannot recommend it for any not possessed of a similar detachment from the all-powerful screen. I doubt it'll take me very long to get bored with it, as good as it is. The likes of me appreciate a much more complex plot to go along with our needless slaughter and psychological tricks before we can replay a game again and again. A jolly good jape though so one you can go back to 6 months later and still enjoy without having to get too involved in it. Just make sure you're not easily shocked.


At 10:56 pm, Blogger Cibbuano said...

looks fantastic... how did that game get under my radar?

At 10:41 am, Blogger Chas Ravndal said...

the graphics are cool but still i stick to the RPG genres

At 10:53 pm, Anonymous Err0r said...

Nice game, gets boring after a while. A little one-sided.


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