Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Knife City.

Knife City logo.Something worth a mention is Knife City. The London Metropolitan Police has turned to an extremely well-produced video in order to try to combat the knife culture that is becoming more and more prominent in our large communities. It's an obvious pastiche of a certain title mentioned here at least once, Vice City by rockstar games which portrays with an impressive cut series between "gaming" scenes and reality the brutal effects of this culture. It's been called anti-gaming , but I sense this is not the case. They are merely using the medium to grab attention and relay the message. It may fall down on several other levels, however as it may not reach the target audience, despitKnife City.e many free copies being freely distributed. More so than our own generation, the youngsters of today are immune to advertising, even to the point of labeling this particular piece of it propaganda (check out the comments at Alice's blog, Wonderland here), which in itself is a sad state of affairs, but I feel more thought could be put into the site as a whole to make it actually harder - hitting. More attention grabbing. A good start though, and a clever idea to use a medium that virtually all UK teenagers respond to. A violent video game. So, far from being anti-gaming, I see it as an experiment in using a popular pastime as method to spread the word. Good luck, but fighting against that infamous teenage rebelliousness and indifference is a mountain to climb.


At 12:34 am, Blogger Cibbuano said...

Man, that's pretty good.

Vice City is a wicked game, but it definitely does desensitise you to the violent aspects of the game. After finishing some of the more gruesome missions, cutting onions just doesn't seem as exciting as blowing away a helicopter with a rocket launcher.

And driving is so slow, dammit...

At 11:13 am, Blogger empress maruja said...

I laud your police of doing its best to educate the people about crime culture. It's just sad that it doesn't sink in to its target audience. may be they could do grass-roots campaign? by really getting into the young and discuss to them about their thoughts.

anyway, here's wishing everyone in my blogroll the merriest of christmas

maligayang pasko!

At 12:36 am, Anonymous GamesPond.net said...

I never even heard of this game until I read this blog, just checked it out on YouTube.com and it looks awesome. I am really thinking about buying knife city now. Cheers


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