Monday, November 07, 2005

Time Travel with FuzzBuck Fuzz.

time travelBefore I go any further I'll point out now that this has nothing to do with games (well ok, maybe a little).

On Halloween night all mimsy with the witches dust I was tempted into tripping the light fantastic down a long corridor, a myriad of corridors suspended in space at once both translucent and transparent. I marveled at the majesty of creation in every direction, galaxies birthing, expiring and breathing cosmic eons. Never silent, never still. I realised that this was nothing extraordinary, the background we live our lives in utter ignorance of, but this moment was special.

There were doors in the walls.
Doors to perception?
Doors in the ceilings and doors in the floors. Trap doors, safety doors, wooden doors, metal doors, stone doors. Doors made from bone and doors made from fear. All manner of doors could be seen here. Each one had a number with style that matched it. "Pick a door." said a voice when I'd not nearly scratched it. Too much choice! I rushed and harried at speeds faster than light as I searched for the door that I knew would be right. 2119 wanted to be picked, but something was wrong so onwards I tripped. My guide wandered faster always ahead ...MY GUIDE!?... I stared at the laughter that grew slightly higher. My guide was fire. An airlock was found, was opened and entered. A dial turned at random and numbers descended.

Cloggs ;)
Beclogged and betogged and alone in the city went young master Barlow heading North with a ditty. Heading North with a passion that always would lead him although having no food he knew not who would feed him. Ten years fly by fast till we see him again. Ten years spent at sea; he's a Freeman become. A night spent aloft in a Portsmouth Tavern and Northbound again he walks with his passion. Well his passion he found in a mid country town so he rested from walking and got down to talking of love. Farming the land for the lord of his burrough, old John settled down, that roguish old bugger. Ten years gone again and he's still at the farm, though he'sMountains to challenge the soul. thinking of leaving for his true love has gone. His eyes look once more to the North in the sky and again sets out walking always asking it why. Ten years this time walking ever Northwards he goes, through the dark brooding mountains that challenge his soul. Through the snows and the wilds and the merciless crows ever Northwards he walks never stumbles or falters. Upon reaching the ocean and feeling the motion of waves; he turns round to Southwards and grins at the mountains to brave. Ten years racing Southbound to Portsmouth returned, to work on the dockside his living he earned. I ask for a snippet, a word of advice, "It's cold in the North." came the wry seadog's spice.


Well, I did say it had nothing to do with games, didn't I? No, it wasn't some crazy drugged-up hallucination, but a past-life hypnosis experience, a subject I've always found fascinating and I do think counts as "maybe a little" to do with them (although that's a 1,200 word article in it's own right) thrown together with a little creative writing. It's experimental so I'm extremely interested in what anybody & everybody makes of it.


At 11:05 pm, Blogger Chas Ravndal said...

Fuzzy i love the new header

At 11:19 pm, Blogger cmmdtp said...

I like your new header FBF.

Read your experiment...very interesting, reminds me of the 60's and my drug days!

Actually, I like it, and understood it. I believe in past life experiences also.

At 11:54 pm, Anonymous enderFP said...

header was definitely worth the time you spent!!

story is interesting ... i like the doors and them calling out to be picked. very interesting.

At 11:30 am, Blogger empress maruja said...

I always see myself as an empress of a foreign land.

why? you think I called myself empress for nothing?

p.s. thanks for the new button. two fat thumbs up!

At 6:47 pm, Blogger Writing idiot said...

never one to be popular.
i dont believe in past life experiances you should know the reason why ;)

and although i think your new header looks good i prefer the old one. Had a more classic look to it. but like most great games looks sometimes win over the heart of the subject ;)

At 9:17 pm, Blogger Gimme A Dollar said...

Very rarely are we graced with a mind that spawns such magic imagery. Fuzzbuck Fuzz is a master of his craft. If I were an editor for a reputable magazine, I would denounce said magazine and immediately crank-out the sole works of Mr. Fuzz.

Greatness has been attained, my friends. Let the tongue of the soul sop the gravy of this creative prose.

At 7:49 pm, Blogger puremood said...

I like that new header too, very cool. However, I agree with Writing Idiot that the other one was more classic.

Well done Fuzzy - on ur image and ur story! :)

At 7:23 pm, Blogger empress maruja said...

hi fuzz, just to inform you that i tagged you on the alphabet game. check out my site for more info. thanks a lot.

At 3:16 pm, Blogger Writing idiot said...

hi fuzz ole buddy. you ok? havent seen heard from you in ages. thought id leave a line here to see if you get this message. noticed theres very little updates to the blog. hope your ok. you working on things for FB? or is work giving you little time? or is it something personal? either way thinking of ya.

oh by the way you still creating that NWN mod? just havent much of anything since leaving FB's
hope to hear from you soon.

At 10:06 am, Blogger Writing idiot said...

woe mate! whats with the new colours? like the backdrop but not too sure on the post box though. at least your still hard at works behiond the scene.

At 10:45 pm, Blogger Seawave said...

Wow Fuzz -- unbelievable post. Wonderfully creative and so poetic. Who knew you were hiding all this creative writing talent? Keep up posts like this one -- please.


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