Thursday, October 27, 2005

Free Simpson Games

Homer Simpson. Greatest Philosopher of the decade.In celebration and honour of the Philosopher of the Decade I will be dedicating this article to Simpson games. Yes that's right, Homer Simpson featured on a bona fide list which details the greatest 10 men of the decade. The lineup was prepared for Men's Health Magazine by experts and includes Bob Geldoff (greatest activist) and Lance Armstrong (greatest sportsman). Homer scored the top spot for philosophy after teaching "...a generation how to take on the challenge of modern fatherhood and win." according to editor Morgan Rees. So, what has the gaminHomersg community made of this paternal icon for our times?
Well, there's Homers (java) in which you must turn Homer's heads the right way up. Hours of frustration right there. If anyone actually succeeds at this one please let me know as I've become convinced that it is, in fact, impossible. Hmmm ... just one more go ... Bartman. A game The Philosopher would love.



Then there's Bartman (java) which is a version of Hangman in which you have to name the Springfield character or Bart gets it. Bizarrely it's another addictive one which tests your knowledge of the home town of the decade's greatest philosopher. Hit Homer (java) has you trNoughts and homers. Take THAT Mr. Burns.ying to give Homer's "Noggin a Floggin'" (to quote Ned Flanders) with your cursor cuing more frustration although Noughts and Homers (java) is much easier to beat. Mr Burns is not an expert at tic tac toe (naughts and crosses) it seems.
Funny games.biSimpsons Snow Fight.z offers Simpsons Snow Fight (flash) as an acknowledgement of this wacky families' appeal. It's great fun and can get very hectic. To quote Nelson, "HA-ha!".
To round it all off Free Online (with ad popunder's & popups) shows us Simpsons Home ISimpson home interactive. The Great Man at leisure.nteractive (flash) which allows us to explore the genius' home, interact with his pets and family and catch a glimpse into the mind of the greatest philosopher of the decade. This is a game you can download for free and use on your site if you have the necessary web-fu. I'll leave you with some useful computer wisdom from The Man himself. "'Hit any key to start.'... Which one's the 'any' key?"

Have fun.



At 9:21 pm, Blogger craziequeen said...

sad, sad, sad - getting all the Bart hangman names without losing a life [sigh] I watch FAR too much Simpsons.....



At 9:54 am, Anonymous FatBob said...

lol. what's up with you Fuzzy. i got the nine homers facing the right way first time. check your email ;o)

At 6:37 pm, Blogger Writing idiot said...

aye its not too hard with the head mate. must admit not as fast as fatbob but still only a matter of 3 tries. oh and hi FB hope all goes well with thee

At 12:01 am, Blogger Glyn (Zaphod) Evans said...

Fuzz... you need new stuff :) I keep seeing Homer with a fig leaf covering his er, areas :P

At 5:37 am, Anonymous Online Casinos said...

I really see the Simpsons as stupid ones but I'm having so much fun watching them. weird. :D


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