Thursday, October 27, 2005

Free Simpson Games

Homer Simpson. Greatest Philosopher of the decade.In celebration and honour of the Philosopher of the Decade I will be dedicating this article to Simpson games. Yes that's right, Homer Simpson featured on a bona fide list which details the greatest 10 men of the decade. The lineup was prepared for Men's Health Magazine by experts and includes Bob Geldoff (greatest activist) and Lance Armstrong (greatest sportsman). Homer scored the top spot for philosophy after teaching "...a generation how to take on the challenge of modern fatherhood and win." according to editor Morgan Rees. So, what has the gaminHomersg community made of this paternal icon for our times?
Well, there's Homers (java) in which you must turn Homer's heads the right way up. Hours of frustration right there. If anyone actually succeeds at this one please let me know as I've become convinced that it is, in fact, impossible. Hmmm ... just one more go ... Bartman. A game The Philosopher would love.



Then there's Bartman (java) which is a version of Hangman in which you have to name the Springfield character or Bart gets it. Bizarrely it's another addictive one which tests your knowledge of the home town of the decade's greatest philosopher. Hit Homer (java) has you trNoughts and homers. Take THAT Mr. Burns.ying to give Homer's "Noggin a Floggin'" (to quote Ned Flanders) with your cursor cuing more frustration although Noughts and Homers (java) is much easier to beat. Mr Burns is not an expert at tic tac toe (naughts and crosses) it seems.
Funny games.biSimpsons Snow Fight.z offers Simpsons Snow Fight (flash) as an acknowledgement of this wacky families' appeal. It's great fun and can get very hectic. To quote Nelson, "HA-ha!".
To round it all off Free Online (with ad popunder's & popups) shows us Simpsons Home ISimpson home interactive. The Great Man at leisure.nteractive (flash) which allows us to explore the genius' home, interact with his pets and family and catch a glimpse into the mind of the greatest philosopher of the decade. This is a game you can download for free and use on your site if you have the necessary web-fu. I'll leave you with some useful computer wisdom from The Man himself. "'Hit any key to start.'... Which one's the 'any' key?"

Have fun.


Friday, October 21, 2005

The answers!

Happy weekend!!

Time for the answers. Thank you for all your comments and for playing this interesting game. I'll get around to answering them "shortly" but for now, here are the answers to the 20 things you'll wish you didn't know about Fuzzy.

1) True. I have only been driving a car for the past 3 years or so. Before then I used to hitch - hike everywhere. It still seems a large amount, but when you consider I lived for 3 years on the road itself and hitch-hiked my way across southern Europe and back it's not such an unbelievable figure. In fact I suspect it's a lot more as last time I tried to add it all up I lost count after 560,000.
2) True. It's where I ended up after my mad dash across Europe. A small town called Benidorm in fact where I worked in a bar.
3) True. 20 years or so ago my father received a rather prestigious award from Her Majesty and the whole family was invited down for the ceremony. A whole other world.
4) True. I never learned how. Don't misunderstand, I have no fear of water and can float quite effectively. I just have problems when it comes to propelling myself anywhere in the water.
5) True. It's a sport called Ghyl Scrambling (or girly scrambling for the more serious outdoors sportspeople). The no swimming was never much of an issue with this as the water is generally moving far too fast for anyone to be able to swim in it in the first place. The idea is that due to erosion caused by climbers many natural beauty spots are being ruined. The climbers thought that the answer to this was to tackle an area already subject to extreme natural erosion. A Ghyl is a Cumbrian word for a mountain stream or waterfall. Ghyl scrambling was born - it really is tremendous fun, a massive adrenalin rush and fairly life-threatening. Don't take it up unless you are already very good at climbing.
6) True. I joined a company call Patchwork which traveled the land with a fire show. I was a fire stick twirler (a 4 or 5 foot long staff with each end set on fire) and (you guessed it) Fire Eater. Great fun was had by all. I have no idea what any of them are up to now. I left when they headed for Russia not long after the wall came down but my passport not being up to date prevented me following this exciting career further.
7) False. Holst? Do me a favour! I don't exactly hate his work (it's very nice) but when compared to the majesty of Beethoven or the intricacies of Mozart both of those composers win hands down. If you were hoping to learn my favorite composer though I'm afraid I cannot choose between those two. Holst makes the top ten, but doesn't come first.
8) False. Never even been there, though it's on the list of places to visit when I get the opportunity. Amsterdam seems particularly attractive. Can't think why.
9) True. I have never been on the radio. Not once. Not even a little bit.
10) True. And non was quite right when he said it was at an early age. I remember playing 16 year olds from other schools when I was 13 and winning! After Spook (I can only remember his nickname - awesome chess player) left I was the next natural choice and in my tenure of 3 years as Chess captain we never lost a match.
11) True. This is one of a couple of technical ones. I was an extra for 1 day for the kingly sum of £50 on the set of First Knight. I have never seen my name in the credits or myself on screen, although I recognise a few others from that day technically it could be argued that I wasn't "in it". I was on the set and filmed - even if they didn't use it, I was still in it. True then. ;)
12) True. I spent the early years of my life there as an army brat.
13) False. Another technical one. I was in the same room as her, I was close enough to touch her, but we never said a word to each other and I was never introduced to the Queen. Therefore I never met her. My father did, but I didn't.
14) True. Several times in fact. Most noteworthy was News at Ten one night where my mother witnessed me being pulled from a rooftop and escorted into a Police van as part of a protest against the proposed M11 and the subsequent compulsory purchase orders that were (illegally) slapped on people's houses by the government. She was not best pleased.
15) True. I was training as a Radio Officer Cadet for a whole term and a half at their prestigious college facility.
16) True. The college was near Lake Windermere in Cumbria which is large enough for the basic training that was required. No journeys to sea were planned until the third year of training. The tutors were convinced they were going to teach me to swim but I got the last laugh when I got kicked out for excessive drinking and fighting with my Deck Officer .... erm .....
17) False. Never lived there nor would want to. I've passed through it many times but always thought it was just too full of French people prejudiced against the British to bother making the effort. They also eat strange things over there. Make sure your steak is from a cow.
18) True. Truth be told I still can but haven't played in many years so to say I'm rusty would be an understatement.
19) False. Nah, nobody would pay me for magic tricks unless it was how to make myself disappear. I do know a professional magician though, and a clown, a face painter and a Punch and Judy man so it is in the realms of possibility. It's just that I'm too lazy to put all the hours of necessary practice in.
20) True. Patchwork used to pay me to do that. They paid me in food and beer mostly (occasionally even cash!), but it was a living of a sort.

Just for the completeness of the thing (added in comments by non)

21) True(-ish). I wasn't going to mention this, but have been involved in a few riots over the years (go figure) which gave me enough experience to keep things "quiet" at a certain party I was at that sort of got out of hand when 500 riot police turned up wihout invites. They were politely requested to leave.
22) True. But not the dwelling you're thinking of non. There have been many much bigger than that. I did work there as a scaffolder and marquee erector though so have worked on some truly massive edifices for people to live in.
23) False. My pet boar is called Duffy. :D

Hope you've enjoyed playing, have been suitably amazed at just a few of the extraordinary things that have occurred in the life of FuzzBuck Fuzz and have gotten to know your favorite gaming blogger a little better. I reckon you're also looking forward to reading other people's true / false memes. So wihout further ado, these are the bloggers I have chosen to follow on from this post and for it to further infect the blogosphere. Don't worry if you don't want to do it, nobody will hold it against you, but I found it tremendous fun so heartily recommend having a go:

Just PureMood (Thought you'd like this one).

Empress Maruja (Go for it cupcake. Should keep you busy while I make buttons...).

& SNE (I hear you hate these things? This one is good fun though so have a go :D)

Consider yourselves tagged.

And tagged at her own request:
& Crazie Queen

Have fun

Sunday, October 16, 2005

20 things you'll wish you didn't know about Fuzzy.

It's allright, not all of them are true.

Ok, ok I got tagged by Princsiss with a true/false meme. I's taken me ages to come up with these so if they're too easy I'm afraid you're just going to have to live with it. 20 things about me but not all of them are true. Can you spot the falsehoods? Leave the numbers of what you think are lies in my comments and I'll reveal the truth after the weekend and pick another lucky blogger or two for this game when all is exposed.

1) I have hitch - hiked over a half of a million miles (not all at once).
2) I have lived in Spain.
3) I have been inside Buckingham Palace.
4) I cannot swim.
5) I have run up waterfalls for fun.
6) At 25 I ran away to join the circus.
7) My favourite composer is Holst.
8) I have lived in Holland.
9) I have never been on the radio.
10) I was captain of the school chess team.
11) I have been in a film.
12) I have lived in Germany.
13) I have met the Queen of England.
14) I have been on television.
15) I was in the Merchant Navy.
16) But I never went to sea.
17) I have lived in France
18) I used to play the mandolin.
19) I'm a professional magician.
20) I used to breathe fire for a living.

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