Sunday, September 04, 2005

South Park games beat the countdown...

South Park disclaimerRemember this ...

"Footnote: ... hmmm, just noticed this ... "Your life of crime begins on foot in Liberty City, in an area called South Park. " ... South Park ... I wonder..."

from an earlier post? Well, I went off to look for any information to back it up. Couldn't find anything to say that the makers of South Park were all GTA players who named their show after it but you know I want it to be true if only for the sense of wholeness of it, particularly as it's gone full circle now with South Park games being freely available at South Park Studios. A show that was named after a game that now spawns games based on itself. Yes, I like the completeness of it all. The games like the show should be considered for adults only with profanity and adult themes so DO NOT visit if you are easily offended or under age. Yes, that means you. Don't go telling your father orWild Animal Thumb Jam mother that FuzzBuck said it was ok to play these games because I haven't, ok? Read the disclaimer.

If you're old enough and like South Park though these games are a must. All their games require the Flash plug in which is available through the link on my sidebar (under Flash games). First I tried was the hilarious Wild Animal Thumb Jam. You play Eric Cartman and must survive the wild animals by jamming your thumb ... well, I'm sure you can guess. I have to admit I was laughing so hard I never survived very long at all. Top game.
Next up was Cartman vs Evil Cartman (can you see a thCartman vs Evil Cartmaneme developing here?) which sees the evil nemesis being beaten to a pulp by the victorious hero of our tale. Ok, when I played it I lost but just a little more practice...

What is nice about them all is the true to show graphics with proper comic sCartman's Boomboxtyle flashes when the blows go in. To try and stay away from Eric (oh no, I can feel my mouse sliding towards Cartman's Boombox which is hilarious ... Cough ... ) ... To try and stay away from Eric for a moment Create your own South Park Character does exactly what it says on the tin allowing you to change head, body, legs and a vast amount of extras. Here's one I made earlier. Create your own South Park Character

And I didn't use any sticky-back plastic.




At 7:53 am, Blogger Writing idiot said...

i thought there was a place in america called south park. thats where the name comes from. i mean theres a central park aint there.

is aint there allowed or should it be is there not?

never mind was just a thought. in a u2 song it talks about seven towers, which is a nick name for an area in ireland. full nickname is seven towers estate. maybe its the same sort of thing with south park.

At 10:45 am, Blogger Non of the Above said...

thar be the real place :)

quote the site :
"Perhaps you're a bit confused right now, because in your search for the familiar faces of Cartman, Stan, Chef and Mr. Hanky you've come across something else altogether.

You are, as your very good luck would have it, dialed in to the REAL South Park, a beautiful hunk of untamed real estate right in the center of Colorado. Welcome, and please make yourself comfortable as you learn a little bit about South Park, and the fact that we're NOT quite the same folks as those in Comedy Central's irreverent series, "South Park."

Although we HAVE all become filthy rich as a result of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's poking fun at us, but heck, those guys are happy to share the wealth."


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