Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ashes victory but America's Army loses.

Freddy Flintoff...and I thought last week was bad. VERY sorry to anyone who's been waiting in vain for me to post over the last couple of days but things in the land of the Fuzzmeister have been just a little trying of late so posting on my weblog about games has sort of taken a back seat I'm afraid. No UK gaming blog would be complete without a mention of the recent cricket score at the moment though so a big congratulations to our lads who brought home the ashes victory (for those that don't know its a competition between England and Australia, the current "best" team in the world, over the 100 or so year old ashes of a pair of cricket bales that was burnt to signify the death of English cricket after being soundly thrashed by them all those years ago). The quality of play from both sides was remarkable as was the sense of fair play and good old fashioned gentlemanly conduct. Well done guys, the first time in 16 years that we can hold the coveted trophy aloft. Now that just IS cricket. As a side note I can't resist name dropping that a couple of my friends recently formed the children's entertainment at the birthday party of one of Andrew Flintoff's kids (a.k.a. Freddy Flintstone, England all-rounder, accomplished batsman and mean bowler). Well done to them too.

Now that that is oSpectating (as usual)ut of the way today's missive takes a look at the much hyped America's Army. It's a first but I fear I must give a negative review to a completely free game. As first person shooter's go it's not that bad but there is an awful lot I feel that has been done badly in this game. The tutorials first of all do little to actually teach you the basics of the game but insist you must complete them in order to play. I found these to be buggy to be honest and never learnt how to correctly use grenades as that was the bit that kept failing when I tried to do it, no matter, it allowed me to continue on into the carnage anyway. Then I had to go about choosing a server. Being as green as they come I figured one calling itself N00bs Playground looked appropriate. Predictably it was full of experienced players and it was only a matter of time until I bit the dust Camping outfirst every time. Not to be deterred I attempted again and again to take the bridge (the point of the battle) to be blasted by snipers time afer time. An exercise in frustration really as every time I or my team member's tried the same trick we were accused of the heinous crime of "camping". I think that it's a bad choice of scenario for a newcomer's server that was badly policed and seemed to cater for the experienced player anyway. Try another server then, was my thought which I did to be greeted by the impatience that is usually accompanied by a player unfamiliar with a game and struggling with it. Perhaps the whole thing would have gone more smoothly had there been somethiBridge of deathng in the tutorials to actually show me an awful lot more that I needed to know. Either way it's not a winner in my book as without massive first person shooter experience you will find this very difficult. If you do have the neccesary experience you will no doubt have much more up to date games to play with better, smoother graphics and on the whole more playability. Ah well, it can't be sweetness and light every time. Of course you may disagree with me and absolutely love this game. If so, please let me know where I have been going wrong and why I find it very difficult to appreciate this highly popular title.


At 12:19 pm, Blogger Non of the Above said...

I think you're bang on the money with your evaluation of AA. It's free, but still slightly over priced.

Counter Strike Source (CSS) & BF1942 are both just so far ahead of it as to be laughable.

As George Michael said - if you're gonna do it - do it in PRIVATE

At 6:04 pm, Blogger Non of the Above said...


how to design the ULTIMATE RTS (real time strategy)


"11. Gamers complain about bad "pathfinding" (that is, your units wandering around the map and falling into the river against your orders). Well, I want worse pathfinding. I want entire platoons who wander into the mountains because somebody bled on the map. I want tanks to get stuck turret-deep in mud flats and have to be rescued by helicopters while snipers pick off soldiers trying to keep their boots from being sucked off their feet in muck.

12. I want mutinous units that chainsmoke hash and frag their Sargents and sell Heroin on the side and rogue commanders who go mad and shave their heads and set up fortresses in the jungle decorated with human skulls. I want to have to send a CIA assassin in to take him out. And then they chop up a donkey, for some reason. "

At 2:20 am, Blogger puremood said...

Hey - won't you do a post by request? I'd love to have an awesome top 5 or 10 list for PS2 games for my son! Ya know, no hardcore crap like GTA or Southpark LOL Some teen rated or below ;) He loves his PS2.

I'd also like to know some top SNES games!

At 6:23 am, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

I'll see what I can do ;)

There's no way I know SNES games better than SNE himself though so I might see if he wants a guest spot...


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