Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Retro games rock!

Ok, hands up who remember's Tank Commander? I found a pretty good version here

Or Missile Command?

And who can possibly forget Pacman?

Or the even more classic Space Invader's?

All these games and many more are available using the Java plug-in. But it's not just Java that's good for freebie games. Macromedia Flash Player is another good programme that can be downloaded here with instructions on how to install it (the Yahoo toolbar is not needed).

With these two installed you should have access to a massive amount of free games from the just plain silly to ancient arcade games that forced me and many others into putting vast amounts of cash into big (sometimes small) boxes in my youth. Isn't technology wonderful? We can now play them to our hearts content for free. The only other one you may need is Shockwave (download and info.) another macromedia product.

With all 3 there should be no game you remember that isn't out there somewhere for free as well as alot more that you wouldn't dream of.

I'll be back later to edit my template and include links to my favourites - right now, for those space-sim fans, how about a bit of Defender (Shockwave) or Asteroids (Java)
Note: With Asteroids your pop-up killer may stop the game opening when you click play. If so, try right click and open it in a new window.


At 2:09 am, Blogger Non of the Above said...

nice ones fuzz

the only meager offering i can throw into the pan is this:


about a dozen audio files (simon pegg as johnny alpa) & a few scans of 2000ad future shocks & dredd eps

At 6:52 pm, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

cool site. In fact that gives me an idea (watch this blog)

At 7:38 pm, Blogger Christopher said...

Amazing job on your Blog! I'll definatly be coming back. If interested, my site is on the new xbox360.

At 8:00 pm, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

thnx dude - there'll be lots more every day.

At 7:08 pm, Blogger Non of the Above said...

you fancy doing Pandora as a Radio play?

checkout that soundeffects 'misc' that you gave us - its a full space opera set :)

mrs non is up for doing female voices, so theres a near cast already ...

At 11:45 pm, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

let me think on it. Not sure how feasable it would be, but possibly.

At 2:12 am, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

@ chris - ur blog seems to be suffering - if you want help, please contact me via my testbed (see profile, under blogs ;))

At 10:17 pm, Blogger Shay said...

AMEN to all of that ^

At 12:41 am, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

thnx kenshi.Good looking blog & site.


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