Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Duck!Enclave is one of those games that you forget just how good it is. The makers describe it as, "... the ultimate fantasy action/combat game," and while nothing is ever ultimate they can be justifiably proud of this product. It has the look of a classic First Person Shooting game and manages to convey a dark fantasy feel to the setting. Skillfully done within the first few minutes you are almost afraid to step around that next corner. Each section of the storyline is a seperate mission with clearly defined goals and comes complete with a counter showing you how much cash is available in each section so you can easily track your progress. You can also go back and replay previous sections Assasin meeting an overlord.to get anything you've missed. If there is a failing it's that within each choice section there is pretty much one way to do it (to some degree an injustice, but it does follow a definate path). Replay value is good with the choice of playing either the light or dark path options and different character's to choose from. Every time I've played this I've enjoyed it and I actually think it's got a very strong storyline, particularly well done in how it feeds you each piece of information.

Other nice touches are the menu screens which I think look great and work really Menu screen.well and the music. Very rarely do I find a game where the music can be bothered with so I usually listen to something like Rush for action or combat games and something mellower for more sedate role playing situations. With this their own music wins out. In the game itself there are puzzles to solve, secret areas, obstacles to be overcome, monsters to kill and of course you must save the world.

On the whole, well done and I have no hesitation recommending this game to any players who like action, combat, fantasy or role-playing games.


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