Friday, August 26, 2005

Empire Earth

Hee, hee, sorry my post is a bit late today but I got carried away playing a game. Empire Earth is another game that's had a (fairly) recent update and release. The original is as addictive as ever and sees you starting from a neolithic culture (or wherever you want) all the way up to nano age technology. There's many really nice features one springing immeadiately to mind being you don't have to follow it all the way through. A friend of mine always sets the maximum technology available to the Rennaisance period as this gives him most enjoyment. Many other things are resettable which gives it loads of replay value. My current favourate is island - hopping on gigantic planets, that is set the map type to either small or large islands and the map size to gigantic. That way in the early campaign it's alot easier to defend your coast. I like to play against alot of opponents though so almost always have to fight hard for those first few islands. I've also got to be absolutely honest here. Since re-installing it I've again been bitten by the bug and can't wait to get back to the fray. Typical of this type of game you utilise resources to build more and different buildings depending on your technology. Right now I'm still in the stone age on the one I started for this article but that wont last long. Right, where's the nearest stone mine...


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