Saturday, August 06, 2005

Diablo II

It's the turn of Diablo II to be introduced now. A classic role-playing game far simpler than NWN (see previous post below) so may be an easier route into role-playing for the combat player. If you like the look or idea of role-playing games but fear the complexity, try this. There's a playable demo freely available for you to try before you part with your cash that should give a good idea of the gameplay and mechanics.

As with Freelancer and NWN it's not exactly a new game and again there is a huge online community of Diablo player's with all of the resulting benefits that that gives a game. The Tomb of Knowledge is an excellent resource as is where there is a large, booming, active and well - moderated community.

Of course it's a dis-service to claim it's only useful as a kind of non-complex NWN. That is blatantly not true and Diablo is a very good game in it's own right. The replay value is particularly valid getting progressively harder until you're on a Hell setting. There's also great humour with a secret cow level (really) and lots of little things within the game. The fact that there's no shortage of combat and a not overtly-complex plot or character development lends it very well to a meeting between primarily role-player's and primarily combat player's.

Not that I'm knocking the plot. When the Lords of Destruction expansion was released there was enough of an option just to add to it. Ok, not a hard trick to pull but the fact that Blizzard could do it shows the strength of the plot in the first place. In short, it's a very worthwhile game as a stand alone and with it's expansion. Although again I would advise playing/buying both to maximise your enjoyment of the game.


At 9:50 pm, Blogger Professor Peach said...

Another good thing about the Diablo series is that due to their age, they work well on lesser machines...I used to
play it on a PII 233, Voodoo 3, Soundblaster Pro!
Even so, the graphics are pleasing to the eye and the music is good

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At 1:01 am, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

@ Wes. U are SO right. That's another important aspect to the game. I'll try to remember to include it in a future Diablo post.

@ Howdy...-Pandora- Coming soon to a blog near you.

@ netr, ok, thnx. Chocolate cheesecake, eh? Nice ;)

At 1:16 am, Blogger donl said...

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At 3:03 am, Blogger FuzzBuck Fuzz said...

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