Sunday, August 14, 2005

Clever Media

Pac InvadersThose clever people at Clever Media do themselves proud. Their site is well worth a closer look with several gems hiding away. First for a mention is the Make your own game (shockwave) game. Here's a quick look at one yours truly came up with. I call it Pac Invaders. Hours of fun right there. Check out also the strateStar Conquestgy games. Star Conquest (shockwave) is a classic take - over space game involving exploration, founding colonies, terraforming, building a fleet and of course, defending yourself from alien invasion. Great fun if you like the civilization - type games.

World Conquest
World Conquest (shockwave) is a basic risk game but if you're any good, you'll want to change the hardness levels (which are quite amenable to change).

Then there's Everchess (shockwave).

You know I like Chess from the post the other day. This is a Massive Multiplayer Online version of it. Extremely impressively done, you're on an infinite board (the pieces still only move up to 8 squares) and can be facing many opponents at once from any direction. It gives a new edge to the game and is innovative. In fact it most reminds me of an ancient Scandinavian or Norse version of Chess I played years ago for four player's. This fascinating, far more refined version is a joy to watch, play and even listen to as Microsoft Sam's voice calls out the moves and in-game chat (imagine my excitement when I found that this voice is built-in to Windows, I know, I know, small things). So by taking a step back, it's a leap forward. Clever people.


At 9:17 am, Blogger Writing idiot said...

just had a thought about this. you should everyone together sometime and arrange a bid everchest session. can you imagine poor winsam trying to say it all lol. what do you think?


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