Friday, August 12, 2005


Shockwave live chessNever let it be said that FuzzBucks Blog is purely about video games. Chess is a classic board game that makes the transition to cyberspace very well. If you're interested in the history of this ancient game I found a very good article here. Fascinating stuff. There are many many games that offer competition against a pc out there but I find that once I've played them a dozen times I can pretty much beat them on any level (except speed chess). Playing a human is a very different matter altogether. There are those that consider 10 minutes as adequate for a game of Chess. If that's your kind of game then Shockwave live chess (shockwave & java) is for you. Be aware though, that's all you get. 5 minutes each total to make your moves so it's speed chess really (although the version of that that we used to play was 10 seconds per move or lose a piece - your opponents choice). If your more of a sedate player then Shockwave e-mail chess (shoShockwave e-mail chessckwave) may work if you have a ready-made opponent. It suffer's the occasional problem with loading new games and doesn't call check mate, but if you can handle these minor annoyances it may be for you. AlternativelyGameknot, try Gameknot (java) who offer a sedate gameplaying environment including leagues, tournaments and open games for you to join, although their speed chess (blitz chess) is still in beta stage. I really can't emphasise enough how much of a great game this is. If it wasn't, would it really have been around for thousands of years? There are no doubt entire blogs about just chess and I will be looking a little more closely at different elements of this timeless game in future posts. For now, hope that's enough to get you started in the world of online chess and always check your mate.


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